Monday, July 7, 2008

Transfer from Cygwin to MinGW on Windows Platform

After some tests, I have found it's prefer using MinGW.

For What ?

  1. Trolltech Don't support Cygwin but MinGW and Visual Studio on Windows (dixit 'platform supported') and the installation/compilation of Qt 4.4 are most easily.
  2. From Wiki's information ( , MinGW is better integrated because all calls to the Operating System are 'real' calls and not POSIX Unix Calls wrapped to Windows Calls. That's give a less interaction and maybe some rapid execution time.
  3. The Open Cobol Compiler and all dependencies of them compiling without issues.

With this solution, We stay on unique framework.

MinGW can also compiling applicaiton on GNU Linux and executing on MS Windows (cross-compiling).

2 choice for the installation of MinGW:

  • Standard Installation from sourceforge
  • Manual Installation for installing onUSB or external disk.

On my side, I'll next explain the manual installation and configuration on USB Disk.

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