Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Change easily the letter of a USB drive.

Because, it's really better on Linux O.S. but Windows is obligatory at Work 'spacing', this solution can help you.

Connect your USB external disk.
Mine is a Maxtor Basic 500 Go bought on Ebay for 75 €
My previous one is a Laptop disk transformed on USB disk when my laptop has burned (Packard bell is not the best for BBQ)

To change the Letter, execute command (([Flag] + R) or Start->Run):


You are now in the 'central' command


-->give you the full list of command

list volume : give you the list of all volume monted on windows.
check your volume number of your USB disk

select volume 'Volume Number'

-->for select your volume number define in the list

Assign letter 'Drive Letter'

-->for assign your new drive letter.

WARNING: you must restart your computer, it's windows, in fact, no choice.

If you have another solution in direct 'live' for forcing a drive letter directly on any computer, you can add this in commentary.

PS: this is principally for me (no forget, no english man).

UPDATE !: After some tests, you can use also diskmgmt.msc which most easily to beginner. Just choose your drive and use right click -->Change drive letter. Thanks MS. No change, no choice, reboot for active drive.

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