Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Compiling DB Berkeley for Open Cobol

Now, Cygwin is installed on your computer, you must think to compile all dependencies of Open Cobol.

For this, we deposit all files in a sub folder 'tools' in c:\, and inside, the folder containing sources et binaries.

Here is how it give :

  • tools
    • src
    • bin

we take all sources on a sub folder c:\tools\src and the compilation make installation on c:\tools\bin\

All sources of DB Berkeley are on the Oracle's site here
Warning: Open Cobol need the version 4.5 maximum for compiling.
The file who have downloaded with Firefox is 'db-4.5.20.NC.tar.gz'

I have copied this file into c:\tools\src\

in Cygwin:

cd c:
cd tools
mkdir bin
mkdir src
cd src
tar -xzvf db-4.5.20.NC.tar.gz
cd db-4.5.20.NC
cd build_unix
../dist/configure --prefix=/cygdrive/c/tools/bin/db-4.5.20.NC

After this,when all is done, launch the compilation with :


That's can take some time.

You can find several documentation on the folder c:\tools\src\db-4.5.20.NC\docs\ (seeing with a browser)

When the compilation is finished , launch the command :

make install

For easy made, it's most easy than using symbolic link who see the last version installed on the computer.(UNIX/Linux functionality :-}) )

ln -s /cygdrive/c/tools/bin/db-4.5.20.NC /cygdrive/c/tools/bin/db

Normally, You must have 4 sub folders:

  • bin
  • lib
  • include
  • docs

the Most important is 'lib'

See you on the next lesson for the 'gmp' compile.

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