Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Open Cobol : Install on MS Windows with Cygwin

In the first step, The platform for compiling Open Cobol.

You need Cygwin ( which is an 'emulator' (small word) for compiling and using some applications building before on GNU Linux . Cygwin has born on RedHat office.

In the main page, Click on 'install cygwin now' and execute the 'setup.exe'

Click on 'Next'.
You have some choice :

  1. install from internet: standard mode
  2. download without install:
  3. it's very interest if:
    • You have a proxy/firewall which not allow connexion to internet.
    • You not acces to internet in the computer where you really installing cygwin.
    • deploying on some computers .
    With this option, the download deposit all files on a sub folder of setup.exe of cygwin.
  4. install from local folder:
    that's the next of the previous option.

To make easy, if you want installing on other computer,use option '2' on the first computer which where you have internet connexion, copy all (setup and sub folder) and relaunch the setup.exe on the second computer for the real install.

In my side, all which concern open cobol are on the specific folder C:\Tools (c:\Tools\cygwin for Cygwin install) and let's all default option.

This is the folder which was contains all information of download file for Cygwin.

By default, the direct connexion is allowed but it's depending on the connexion availability. (see with your admin)

Choose any mirror.

I have take the minimum for installing cygwin. that's the only necessary for compiling and using Open Cobol (I hope).

See the full list of the necessary :

  • alternatives
  • astyle
  • autoconf
  • autoconf2.1
  • autoconf2.5
  • automake
  • automake1.10
  • automake1.4
  • automake1.5
  • automake1.6
  • automake1.7
  • automake1.8
  • automake1.9
  • base-files
  • base-passwd
  • bash
  • bashdb
  • binutils
  • bison
  • byacc
  • bzip2
  • ccache
  • cmake
  • colorgcc
  • coreutils
  • cpio
  • ctags
  • cygwin
  • diffutils
  • file
  • findutils
  • flex
  • gawk
  • gcc
  • gcc-core
  • gcc-g++
  • gcc-mingw
  • gcc-mingw-core
  • gcc-mingw-g++
  • gdb
  • grep
  • gzip
  • libbz2_1
  • libreadline6
  • libtool1.5
  • libtool2.2
  • login
  • m4
  • make
  • mingw-runtime
  • readline
  • run
  • sed
  • tar
  • unzip
  • util-linux
  • vim
  • w32api
  • which
  • xterm
  • xwinwm
  • zlib

The version can be differs because cygwin is not a finished project and always constantly evolving. When you have the full list, Click on 'Next'. You may have certainly a warning with all necessary dependencies.

After, Waiting some time or take a coffee ;-}
At the end of these install, You should have a new shortcut on the menu 'start'-->'Programs'-->'cygwin Bash Shell'.

It's a little part of Linux World on Windows.

The next on the part 2 (install DB Berkeley on Cygwin).

Update : add package diffutils on cygwin install needed by open-cobol testing

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