Sunday, March 9, 2008

Compiling Open Cobol on Windows

What is it ? Cobol ? Oh, yes and for what ?

That begin usually like this yet the Cobol is anymore a language which have a important place in some informatics domain.

may be some domains tries new language like Java or .Net, The Cobol stay often for some part of the application. The reason for this is often a lack of knowledge or may be a efficiency more important than other language.

Some action is most easy than C++ or .NET.
The developer don't need know all biggest book of the world for really using Cobol coding.

The goal of this is able to using a compiler Cobol on Windows (OpenCobol) and may be door using a GUI maked with Qt4 for the Open Cobol.

In the next,This should be (normally) :

- install Cygwin
- compiling GMP
- compiling db-Berkeley
- compiling OpenCobol
- Using - Compiling a little application on Cobol
- compiling Qt
- Create - use GUI on Qt for Open Cobol.

For now, The explanation is on Windows but after some time, All programs can be converted to Unix/GNU Linux.

More on the next.

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